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Selling Properties Westonhiill

Remember making a good first impression will help you sell your property quicker. Here are some suggestions we have to help you determine what needs to be done before you list your home. 

  1. Curb Appeal will get them in the house
    The outside of your house is the first thing people see. If you have a lawn -> mow, trim and weed it regularly. If your house needs paint on the shutters, windows, fence, front door or steps, do it. A $10 can of paint and some elbow grease can help sell your property quicker.

  2. Be neat and clean
    Cleanliness is very important, so plan on getting rid of those cobwebs! Scrub each room thoroughly, or hire a cleaning service to scrub for you. Areas that should be given special attention are the entryway, kitchen and bathrooms. If your carpets are dirty or have spots on them, shampoo them. If they are worn or old, consider replacing or removing them. In today's market hardwood floors are acceptable! 

  3. Don't try to hide your clutter
    Buyers will open cabinets, and closet. They'll look in the bathtub at your soaps and shampoos. So make sure they're as tidy as possible and try to get rid of items you don't use. Less furniture makes rooms appear more spacious.

  4. Fix what is broken
    Easily fixable items such as a torn screen, squeaky door, loose doorknobs, leaking dishwasher or a dripping faucet,  take away from your property's value. Repair as many items as possible from your "to do" maintenance list.

  5. Small Changes Can Make A Big Impression
    Fresh flowers, new towels in the kitchen and bathroom, and/or new area rugs can bring freshness to even older homes. It doesn't cost much, and the impression will last.

If you'd like to begin the selling process, please contact us!